Welcome to Deep Creek Yacht Club
Gil Hodges Bridge

The Deep Creek Yacht Club is located in the Jamaica Bay area of Brooklyn, New York. Our members live and boat in the New York and New Jersey area and have traveled to New England, Florida, the Bahamas the Caribbean and Bermuda. We are a diverse group of power, sail, fishing, cruising and recreational boaters. What keeps us together as a club is sharing local knowledge of marinas, fishing holes, navigation landmarks, and cruising destinations. Frequent gatherings, parties, and fun, family events are scheduled so that as many interests are served as possible.

Since we do not need to support a club house or docking facilities, our dues are just enough to keep us communicating with each other. There are no "work parties" or "penalties", only Fun For All! By joining the Deep Creek Yacht Club you will have access to all our members years and years of experience and knowledge, not only for the great boating in Brooklyn and New York City, but for all the areas our members travel.

The club is open to individual membership to anyone who has an appreciation, respect
and interest in recreational boating.

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